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The Best Way to Help Support Missouri State Parks is to Become a Member of the Missouri Parks Association

The Missouri Parks Association is an all-volunteer association of dues-paying individuals and groups who support, visit, use and just care about our state parks and historic sites. We are nonpartisan, nonprofit -- and active. Our only job is to support our wonderful Missouri state parks system.

Ever since our start in 1982, we have been there for Missouri parks--dedicated to their protection, enhancement, and interpretation. The MPA was established because our state parks were in such desperate need of a bigger commitment from the state. Our first and biggest job was -- and is -- to insure funding for Missouri state parks and historic sites. For questions about joining MPA, e-mail  

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Please sign me up as a member in the following checked category. I understand contributions are tax-deductible. Please print this form, fill it out, and write a check payable to The Missouri Parks Association. Please mail the completed form and the check to: MPA Treasurer, Post Office Box 10, Fulton, MO 65251, or by PayPal. 

Individual - $35   Family - $50   Supporting - $100   Sustaining - $250  

Guardian - $500   Patron - $1,000   Other - $____________

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For membership queries, contact
Kendra Varns Wallis at

For Missouri Parks Association President, contact Terry Whaley at

To send a donation to MPA, please address your gift to:

The Missouri Parks Association
Post Office Box 10
Fulton, MO  65251-0010