Park Friends

Missouri State Parks and the Missouri Parks Association work with a wide array of organizations and individuals who help to support and advocate for our state park system. They include park friends groups, typically established to support a particular park. Some of them, in fact, were instrumental in the creation of a certain park or historic site and then continued to support it after its establishment through fund raising, advocacy, or volunteering in park operations or special events.

Other support organizations may have broader missions in conservation, recreation, education, public advocacy, or philanthropy but will help support particular parks or the system as a whole when such support is needed or requested. MPA works closely with many of these groups, helping to identify issues and enlist support as needed.

Both friends groups and other support organizations work closely with park officials in particular parks or in the central office, and all have occasion to work also with other federal or state conservation or land management agencies and with members of the Missouri General Assembly on behalf of parks and historic sites.