Weldon Woods

Weldon Woods, a wild forest, adjacent to Katy Trail State Park, is under threat of development that will destroy the wild character of the land along this part of Katy Trail State Park and disrupt the delicate fauna and flora of the ecosystem. Owned by the University of Missouri, this 200-acre treasure now faces a palpable and direct threat of destruction. The university is selling Weldon Woods to a home builder, and a development plan was approved by the St. Charles County Council in June 2018 to build approximately three hundred homes on the acreage.

For more information about Weldon Woods, visit https://bit.ly/2QhxNUY.

View MPA’s resolution to Halt the Sale of Weldon Woods.

View the Halt Sale of Weldon Woods resolution voted and approved at CFM's Annual Convention on March 8-10, 2019.