Past Newsletters


Volume 41, No. 1 | July 2023

Celebrating State Wild Areas; The Legacy of Pat and Ted Jones; Rock Island Trail is our 93rd State Park


Volume 40, No. 3 | December 2022

Looking for the Milky Way; Celebrating MPA’s 40th; Bryant Creek State Park is Open

Volume 40, No. 2 | July 2022

Hawn State Park Threatened by Silica Mine; Rock Island Legislative Debacle; MPA 40th Anniversary Annual Gathering

Volume 40, No. 1 | March 2022

DNR accepts ownership of the Rock Island Corridor; MPA's 40th Anniversary Challenge; Feral Hog Update


Volume 39, No. 2 | December 2021

The State of the Parks is Promising; Rockbridge Gathering; New Leadership for DNR and DSP

Volume 39, No. 1 | June 2021

Stellata Natural Area: A New Feather in our Parks Cap; State Parks Fare Well in Legislative Session; Park Briefs


Volume 38, No. 3 | December 2020

Ste. Genevieve National Historical Park Officially Established, New Parks Update, Eleven Point State Park on Trial

Volume 38, No. 2 | June 2020

Legislating During a Pandemic, President's message: Coronavirus and Parks, Feral Hogs Become a Political Chit

Volume 37, No. 3-Volume 38, No. 1 | March 2020

Rock Island Agreement Signed; New Leader for State Parks; Eleven Point State Park Lawsuit Heard


Volume 37  No.2 | October 2019

Extension for DNR’s Rock Island Decision; Tribute to Trails Champion Darwin Hindman; John Karel in Missouri Parks Hall of Fame

Volume 37  No.1 | June 2019

Feral Hogs, State Parks, and the Mark Twain; MPA Employee Awards; Legislative Session Update 

Volume 36 No.3 | February 2019

Cultural Resources Addressed at MPA Annual Meeting; New Partnership with Friends of Arrow Rock; Conservation Champion Pat Jones


Volume 36 No.2 | August

Wallis Named MPA's First Executive Director; Meet Kenda Sanders; Stewardship Moves to Front Burner

Volume 36 No. 1 | June

Ste. Gen NHP Now a Law; MPA to Gather at Watkins Mill Oct. 5-7; Another Strange and Trying Legislative Session


Volume 35 No. 3 | December

MPA Panel Urges Active Natural Resource Stewardship; Presidential Farewell; Public Meetings on New Parks

Volume 35 No. 2 | September
New Parks under Review; Stewardship of Our State Parks; 35th Annual Gathering; Eclipse in State Parks

Volume 35 No. 1 | June

Legislative Travails for Parks; MSP's Centennial; New Parks Leadership; MPA 35th Meeting Set for Oct. 6-8


Volume 34 No. 4 | December

Resounding Tax Renewal and Four New Parks!; MPA's 34th Annual Gathering

Volume 34 No. 3 | August

Parks, Soil, and Water Tax on November Ballot; Grand Opening of Echo Bluff SP; MPA 34th Meeting Set for Oct. 14-16

Volume 34 No. 2 | May

Parks Dodge Bullets; Parks and Soils Tax Vote on Nov. Ballot; Seniors to Parks; UPOP Going Strong; Poet Patrick Overton

Volume 34 No. 1 | January

The New State Parks Book Is Here; A Tribute to Booker Rucker


Volume 33 No. 3 | September

NPS Site Proposed for Ste. Genevieve; Tour of New SP at Former Camp Zoe; Register for 33rd Annual MPA Meeting

Volume 33 No. 2 | July

Parks Infrastructure Funding Collapses; New Program for Seniors; Leo Drey, 1917-2015

Volume 33 No. 1 | January

Rock Island Trail at Historic Juncture; Gathering at Montauk SP; Riverways Plan Released


Volume 32 No. 2 | September

Veto Session Critical for State Parks; Trail of Tears SP Pilgrimage; 32nd MPA Annual Gathering

Volume 32 No. 1 | June

Riverways, State Parks Tangled in 2014 Leg. Session; Kids of Summer


Volume 31 No. 3 | December

Riversway Plan Open for Comment; Kickstart the New MPA Book

Volume 31 No. 2 | August

Big Oak Tree in the Vortex; 31st MPA Annual Gathering

Volume 31 No. 1 | May

Wild Ride in 2013 Legislative Session; MPA Honors Parks Employees; Details of Annual Meeting Announced


Volume 30 No. 3 | December

Feb. 6 Legislative Day; Recap of Ste. Genevieve Meeting; Call for Protection of Common Field, Old Town Site

Volume 30 No. 2 | August

Missouri River Restoration at Issue; Battle of Island Mound to be Dedicated

Volume 30 No. 1 | May

 New Don Robinson State Park; Legislature Ends With a Whimper


Volume 29 No. 1 | February

Park Threats Revisited; Q&A with Debbie Newby; Park Funding; Sara Parker-Pauley

Volume 29 No. 2 | June

Big Oak Tree Swamped by Flood; MPA Honors Employees; Legislative Status Quo

Volume 29 No. 3 | December

Park Supporters Gather at Knob Noster; Q&A with Linda Endersby


Volume 28 No. 1 | January

Park Funding Coalition Spurred by Layoff Shock; Babler Hosts MPA; Q&A with Brian Stith

Volume 28 No. 2 | May

Legislature Fails to Act; Arrow Rock CAFO Case on Appeal; Q&A with John Maki

Volume 28 No. 3 | September

Big Summer in State Parks! Park Funding: The Federal Connection


Volume 27 No. 1 | April

Ten Percent Needed for State Parks! Mark Templeton Named New DNR Director

Volume 27 No. 2 | July

Eiken Retires as Longest-Serving Director; Park Funding Still at Issue; Current River

Volume 27 No. 3 | October

Bill Bryan Named State Park Director; Future Park Funding; Youngsters Conquer Katy


Volume 26 No. 1-2 | August

Current River Future is MPA Meeting Feature; Updates on Arrow Rock and Taum Sauk


Volume 25 No. 1 | March

CAFOs Threaten Parks; Taum Sauk Rebuild Looms over Shut-ins and Church Mountain

Volume 25 No. 2 | August

Park System Returns to Current River; Conservationists Cooperate in Legislature

Volume 25 No. 3 | December

Taum Sauk Settlement a Sell-Out; John Karel; MPA Joins Arrow Rock CAFO Suit


Volume 24 No. 1 | January

What Next for Johnson's Shut-ins? Parks & Soils Tax Renewal to be on 2006 Ballot

Volume 24 No. 2 | May

Parks & Soils Tax Results; Johnson's Shut-ins Planning; UPOP in Four Cities

Volume 24 No. 3 | July

Amendment 1 Down to the Wire; MPA Employee of the Year Awards


Volume 23 No. 1 | February

Parks & Soils Tax Renewal; UPOP Comes to Capitol; Childers is New DNR Director

Volume 23 No. 2 | June

AG Sues to Halt Removal of Boonville Bridge; UPOP Connects Kids to Nature


Volume 22 No. 1-2 | Spring

New Park Dedicated at Confluence; Deb Schnaak, Trail Blazer; Nathan Boone SHS

Volume 22 No. 3 | September

UPOP in Three Cities; Wild Area Planning:Roaring River and Mudlick Mt; Trails


Volume 21 No. 1 | January

MPA's First 20 Years; New Confluence Point Park Honors Ted and Pat Jones

Volume 21 No. 2 | May

Threatening Bills Stopped; Back to the Current; Meramec River Rebirth; Montauk

Volume 21 No. 3 | September

Parks Gear Up for Lewis & Clark Bicentennial; Rucker Retires


Volume 20 No. 1 | April

Floodway Project Threatens Big Oak Tree; Airport Violations; French Colonial Heritage

Volume 20 No. 2 | August

Bootheel Landscape Tells a Story; UPOP Comes to St. Louis; Dorothy Heinze


Volume 19 No. 1 | April

Holden is Ambassador for Parks; Massive Staff Changes; Employees of the Year

Volume 19 No. 2 | August

Taum Sauk Area Threatened by Hydro Plant; UPOP

Volume 19 No. 3 | November

New Civil Rights Museum Opens; Pioneer Backcountry; The Hills of Roaring River